Holistic Stress Solution

Learn how to reduce your stress levels and feel more resilient, even when challenges arise. While we can’t control the stressors around us, we can change how they make us feel.

This 12-week educational, self-directed course will teach you the essential factors in balancing your nervous system so you can be in control of your stress response.

Are You Struggling With...

  • Feeling anxious or on edge
  • Busy mind
  • Poor sleep
  • Not feeling in control of your emotions
  • Low energy
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Digestive issues

What You Get

Lifetime access to the course which you can complete at your leisure

handouts and audio lessons

Optional access to regular check-ins with a Naturopathic Doctor

Optional assessment of stress hormones with comprehensive lab testing

Access to recipes specifically designed to balance hormones and support stress


Mindset and Neural Rewiring

Nutritional Energy Rebalancing

Nervous System Reset

Hormone Alignment

If You’re Ready To...

  • Feel freedom from the weight of stress
  • Have more control over your emotions
  • Improve your relationship with stress, so you can face micro and macro stressors with confidence
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Balance stress hormones
  • Feel confident about stress-focused nutrition
  • Improve energy so you can spend quality time with loved ones without being on edge
  • Dive deep into the essential factors like sleep, exercise, and nutrition in relation to stress
  • Find success in meditation practices that are right for you

How It Works

Sign up for the course, sign the contract and get immediate access to the Holistic Stress Solution which you can move through at your own pace.

If you would like to work with a ND, book a Discovery Call with Dr. Heather.

  • Complete the Initial Consultation to review your concerns and goals.
  • Get started with your Individualized Plan, testing (if necessary) and begin the course.
  • Meet with Dr. Heather halfway through the course and at the end.

A little Bit About the Course Creator

Dr. Heather Robinson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor passionate about stress and energy management, healthy, happy periods and mental health.

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